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Bookkeeping Service Fees

Flat Rate Pricing:

My fee for bookkeeping service is based upon the volume of transactions in a reporting period and on the overall complexity of your business. Factors affecting my fee structure include:

  • Number of deposits
  • Number of checks written
  • Number of employees and pay frequency
  • Frequency of Financial reports required
  • Number of bank and credit card accounts to be reconciled
  • Current state of your accounting records
  • Other misc. items

My typical start up package is a $250 set-up fee, and $300/month which includes 10 hours of bookkeeping service each month. Extra time is charged at $35 an hour. Set-up fee is waived for established businesses with their bookkeeping current.  If more than 3 months of bookkeeping clean up is needed, the cost for getting the books current is $100 for each month reconciled.

Hourly Rate for Remote Services:

My rates vary between $35 to $40 per hour depending on level of volume and complexity.

Hourly Rate for Onsite Services:

Flat Fee of $50 per hour. (Setup fee not included.)

The total hours of service each month depends on the services required and the time required to complete them.

No additional charges for telephone calls or monthly meetings.

I am to some degree flexible on the billing rate, so if you have any questions please contact me for more details.

Project Consulting

Get your books reconciled and caught up. My most basic service to help small businesses that fell behind and need to get caught up.

Sales and Invoicing

Creating and sending invoices out to the correct clients and customers. You will also be provided with sales records and any reconciliations.

Bills and Collections

Enter bills, set up online bill payments, respond to vendor inquiries, process employee expenses and other additional items.


Gathering or Entering Time Sheets

Processing Employee Payroll

Tax Filing & Payment

Quarterly & Year End Reporting

Monthly Reporting

Save time and get accurate monthly reports. Base today's decisions on tomorrow's outcome.

Financial Forecasting

Our most recommended service to a growing small business. Take past information to predict the company's financial future.


Contact Me

Gates Bookkeeping & Accounting

PO Box 87021

Tucson, AZ 85754

(520) 275-4973

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